THE PUSHOUTS Action Campaign is poised to inform, inspire, educate, and catalyze critical dialogues and action that expose the cyclical underpinnings that push out millions of our children. Using an unblinking, intimate, character-driven story, it offers rallying points for new approaches and solutions, inspiring action from students, teachers, policy makers, and other key stakeholders.

THE PUSHOUTS Action Campaign takes on crucial social issues -- from the deep disparities in educational access to the increasing divide between the haves and have-nots, and from the devaluing of Latino immigrant communities to the ongoing criminalization of youth of color. With launch just underway, the Campaign is being designed to transform status-quo systems that are more punitive than restorative, more “zero-tolerance” than “whole-child.”

Central objectives include: increase networks of and access to culturally relatable mentorship that will grow social capital of young people of color; reframe detrimental status quo thinking/discourse on terms like “dropout” versus “pushout” or “at-risk” versus Rios’s “at-promise” -- and raise consciousness of the danger of “deficit models” of youth, encouraging “asset models.” We’ll contribute momentum and energy to movements for positive policy changes such as restorative justice, school based health, and trauma informed care.