KATIE GALLOWAY, Director, Producer, and Writer of THE PUSHOUTS, is the founder and principal of BIG PICTURES, a documentary filmmaker, investigative reporter & impact producer whose work explores the intersections of institutional power, civil and human rights, and political activism. Her feature documentary THE RETURN (POV, 2016), the third in her trilogy on the 21st century American justice system, follows the release of thousands of “lifers” after a historic reform as a lens through which to consider downsizing mass incarceration. 

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DAWN VALADEZ, Producer and Co-Director of THE PUSHOUTS, is a filmmaker, social worker, artist, youth development specialist, resource wrangler and impact strategist.Her award-winning feature documentary GOING ON 13 premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. It follows the stories of four girls of color as they transform from 9 year old little girls into 13 year old teen-women, examining via an intimate, verite-driven approach the experience of young women growing up in America. 


Nefertiti Kelley Farias is a Mexican-American documentary film director, writer and producer whose primary focus is social struggles and indigenous cultures in Latin America.

Her documentary, BITTER MEMORIES (AMARGOS RECUERDOS) about the Guatemalan exhumations of the 1980s massacres features interviews with survivors and family members of those killed during the Civil War as well as Mayan ceremonies in honor of the dead. This work was distributed by Latin American Video Archive (LAVA) and was selected at various international film festivals. It has been used in universities to study and analyze the peace process in Guatemala and is now part of La Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Foundation of New Latin American Film) in Havana, Cuba, formerly chaired by the late Colombian writer, Gabriel García Márquez.

Among other works, ANOTHER (UNA MAS), a short film about the femicide in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, was selected by Fundación Casa Catalunya and screened in numerous film festivals throughout Europe, USA and Latin America. Her work has also been promoted and distributed by Voces Contra El Silencio Video Independiente A. C. Her most current co-production is EL POETA, a film about Mexican poet Javier Sicilia, who ignited peace caravans both in Mexico and the USA and an ongoing international movement for peace after the brutal killing of his 24-year-old son Juan Francisco.