Using an emotionally powerful, character-driven story as foundation and springboard, THE PUSHOUTS IMPACT CAMPAIGN was conceived and launched late 2018 with the goal of supporting efforts to transform problematic systems and build momentum for healthier alternatives, such as restorative justice (versus “zero-tolerance”/ policing models); whole child / social-emotional approaches (versus over emphasis on testing), and increased access to trauma informed care and pathways to college and meaningful work.

OUR OVERARCHING CAMPAIGN GOAL is to increase support for transitional age youth in the following categories: those currently unenrolled and unemployed; those who are system involved (with a focus on juvenile/criminal justice systems); those suffering effects of childhood trauma and/or PTSD; and school “pushouts” forced to leave for a range of reasons related to unprecedented inequality, corresponding poverty, and legacies of entrenched discrimination.

In our screening and discussion tours, our deep integration with key target audiences, and our development of scaffolding materials, THE PUSHOUTS IMPACT CAMPAIGN offers rallying points for healthier approaches and solutions, and catalyzes discussion and action from students, teachers, policy makers, and other key stakeholders. Building toward our fall 2019 broadcast, and with the help of key partners, the campaign will illuminate the cyclical underpinnings that push out millions of our children, and spur on dialogues and action help light a better path forward.